Meet the Family

Meet the Family


We worked with a talented team of creatives at Carter Hales in Vancouver, B.C. to design our new branding and website.

Our name is rooted in the word “Collaboration,” which we believe, is the core of exceptional design. We bring together experts in the built environment to provide excellence in design, construction and development.

We wanted our new branding to create alignment amongst our company’s three divisions: Citizen Design (design), Valor Builds (construction), and Collaborative Companies (development). The tree keeps us connected and grounded.

To distinguish each division from the other, the business cards feature three different parts of the tree and each division’s unique statement:

Collaborative Companies

We are family developing inspired space to create community.

Citizen Design

We are family designing inspired space to create community.

Valor Builds

We are family building inspired space to create community.  

Together, as a family, we create inspired spaces that transform modern living and facilitate community in urban environments.