Gulassa Open House

Gulassa Open House


This year we partnered with the Seattle Architecture Foundation to host a special design soiree honoring Gulassa & Company. A Seattle based furniture company, Gulassa and Co was at the pinnacle of quality craftsmanship for decades prior to dissolving. Hosted in our home office (Gulassa’s former studio/showroom), we invited Gulassa alumni, friends, family, partners, collaborators, and the design-community to celebrate Gulassa’s legacy.

Light years ahead of their time, the artisans at Gulassa & Co were masters of their craft. Their late founder, David Gulassa, forged a unique design aesthetic by adhering to authentic materials uncluttered by ornamentation. Their creativity, ingenuity, and passion for craft fueled their success and ultimately made them pioneers of Seattle’s rich history of craftsmanship. We explored the legacy of Gulassa & Company through storytelling and a Q&A with Gulassa alumni. We hope to continue the story that these passionate artisans began.

Our belief that all things are interconnected helps us recognize that everyone in a healthy community is responsible for its members well-being. Our goal is to continue a dialogue that has been ongoing for thousands of years. We aim to acknowledge that all of our accomplishments are simply a continuation of what someone before us began and someone after us will continue. Ultimately, we asked ourselves how do we honor the past, stay centered in the present, and bring forward the future?

Thank you Seattle Architecture Foundation, Gulassa, and the design community for making this a special night. Photography by Wendy Simons.