2019 Seattle Design Festival

2019 Seattle Design Festival


For the second consecutive year we partnered with the Seattle Design Festival to host a special event at our studio celebrating art and design in our community.

We invited friends, family, partners, collaborators, and the design-minded to tour our office, engage in meaningful dialogue, and participate in an interactive experience exploring this year’s festival theme: BALANCE.

Our ‘Balance of Opposites’ game aimed to kick start the night by encouraging guests to engage with this year’s theme. Participants were asked to make three choices from six symbolic items that they felt most resonated with their lifestyle and values.

Based on the participant’s choices, they were assigned a character that represented a societal member who would value those respective choices. No preferences were wrong and no characters were evil.

Their goal was to find other participants that chose the exact opposite choices [The ‘Counterpart’] and the exact same choices [The ‘Equivalent’], and discuss their differences and similarities with each other. The purpose of the game was not to polarize the bikers from the drivers or the tipsy from the caffeinated. A balanced society needs a mix of people, transportation, and building typology to meet the individual needs of it’s community members.

Conversations sparked as players discussed the unique structures of beliefs, ideas, and relationships that make up our community. Counterparts and Equivalents then had the opportunity to take photos together in front of the photo booth. As a result, a plethora of goofy, funny, and intense photos made their way on to the poster boards.

Ultimately, we wanted everyone to enjoy their time with us as we hoped to provide an opportunity to elevate how we balance our everyday lives. In design, development, and construction we have the power to affect the role of community in people’s lives. We may not be able to change your drink preference, but we can create spaces for both to be enjoyed together. We aspire to empower everyone to have a voice and to be an active participant and agent of change.

Thank you Design in Public for hosting the Seattle Design Festival. We look forward to participating in more events celebrating art and design in the Seattle community!