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Seattle, WA

1,413 SF - 2,078 SF

Project Type
New Construction

Citizen Design

Valor Builds

Citizen Design

Matt Anderson

Introducing Matchwood Homes: a remarkable testament to the combined efforts of the Collaborative Companies. A joint venture between Citizen Design and Valor Builds executing an innovative urban community. Comprising two single-family residences and an adjacent detached accessory dwelling unit, this development brings quality craft and design to the urban infill market in the heart of Seattle.

The architectural composition takes its inspiration from the Cascade Mountain Range, evoking a sense of natural harmony and panoramic beauty. This distinctive design ethos is poised to enrich Seattle’s real estate landscape, bringing an unmatched aesthetic to the city’s market.

Clad in the timeless charm of natural and stained cedar, the homes resonate with an organic elegance that blends seamlessly into the urban fabric. The diverse roof forms not only imbue the structures with a touch of dynamic flair but also channel abundant natural light into their interiors, crafting luminous living spaces that exude warmth and openness.

This project stands as a testament to the potential of elevated urban density. The development fosters an enriching living experience that flawlessly harmonizes with the urban rhythm. Matchwood Homes thus creates a harmonious balance between functional urban living and distinctive architectural aesthetics, breathing new life into the concept of modern community living.