As student enrollment at the University of Washington increases each year, so does the demand for affordable housing in Seattle’s University District. Over the past decade, the district’s residential areas have undergone a substantial transformation, as the university has demolished and built several new dorms to accommodate the increasing enrollment. In 2018, the Collaborative team aims to solve the social issue of urban density in Seattle’s U-District with a low-cost, alternative approach to housing. University 4006 is a communal-style apartment building located just blocks from campus that offers residents all the benefits of dorm life with the freedom of private amenities.

Seattle apartment

University 4006 is a 7-story communal apartment building located at the entrance of the University District at NE 40th Street and Pasadena. The building houses a total of 97 residents on a 9,672 SF lot. There are two 2,700 SF shared apartments on each floor, with seven bedrooms per unit – each with their own private bath. Each apartment features a different designated communal space to serve various needs such as studying, cooking, and entertaining. These shared spaces are intended to promote social connections between residents from different floors.

Each floor has a covered exterior walkway that separates the units, creating an exterior circulation core. This specific design feature not only allowed for additional apartments on each floor but also gave each apartment its own exterior entrance. On the ground floor is a laundry room, additional storage, and private courtyard to encourage neighborly connections. The building also boasts a expansive 5,800 SF rooftop deck – perfect for entertaining.

This year, the Collaborative team aims to focus on community-driven projects in support of dense urban development within the city of Seattle. In looking to help solve an affordable housing challenge in the University District, Collaborative developed a new communal apartment building concept that serves as a low-cost, alternative living option for students who want to walk to campus. University 4006 is designed to encourage interaction, with the proper balance between independent living and communal dynamics.


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